Friday , March 31 2017

Official Android build numbers page hints at imminent 4.2.2 update for Nexus 4


The latest update to the official Android documentation leads us to think that we could soon be seeing an OTA update to Android 4.2.2 for the Nexus 4.

Aside from a typo in the build number which reads ‘JDP39’ should read ‘JDQ39’, the interesting part is that the build number is followed by android-4.2.2_r1 for the Nexus 4.

If you’re a lucky Nexus 4 owner keep your eyes peeled for an update, or if you’re especially keen starting mashing that “Check for System Update” button!

Thanks: Peter.

Graham Bae  

  • Sean Royce

    You’d think all the nexus devices would be updated at the same time.

    • Graham Bae

      You’d think a lot of things when it comes to Android updates, but alas…

      • Sean Royce

        That’s why I’m most likely going to switch to BB10 or WP8

        • Graham Bae

          Whoa, easy there tiger!

        • WP8 I can understand, but BB are you crazy man!

          • Sean Royce

            Nothing wrong with BB man, I give everything a chance, no need to be close minded.

  • bhislop

    How keen are we if we regularly clear Google Services Framework and then check for updates ??? 😉

    • Graham Bae

      4 keen!

  • I really really really hope this update adds USB OTG!

    • Graham Bae

      As far as I know the N4’s lack of USB OTG support is a hardware limitation. I think the USB port can’t supply the 5V needed for host mode.

      • bhislop

        lol. Woke up to the update on my N4 this morning 🙂

      • Yeh I heard this too but I’m hoping its not true…

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