The biggest news in the past couple of days has been the release of Android 4.2.2, which brings Quick Settings toggles, app download countdown timers, some new sounds and a number of bug fixes. The update has been rolling out to various Nexus devices, and Google have now posted the 4.2.2 factory images.

If you want to restore your device to stock or you’ve somehow managed to brick your Nexus device, head on over to the Factory Images for Nexus Devices page and grab the relevant image.

422 Factory Images

Via: Factory Images for Nexus Devices.
  • Richard Johnson

    SWMBO’s N7 got it but my 4 and 7 have not. :(

  • Daniel

    Both my Nexus 7 and now my Nexus 4 got it OTA

  • deanomalino

    Galaxy Nexus got it yesterday. Still waiting for my Nexus 7….

  • Garry Law

    Just opened my Nexus 7 and there was a 4.2.2 update waiting to be installed. Just finished updating.

  • Avon Perera

    Hopefully this means Google are getting better at unified releases for all devices, unlike the previous times when I had to wait up to 3 weeks for my yakju GNex to get the update

  • Nathan O’Sullivan

    Received my Nexus 4 OTA this morning

    • Charles Kane

      My Galaxy Nexus got it overnight sometime.

  • Geoffrey D’Unienville

    You can force the 4.2.2 update to come through by doing the following just like the old samsung galaxy’s

    1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> All
    2. Find Google Services Framework.
    3. Tap on Force Stop.
    4. Select Clear Data.
    5. Head back to the Nexus 4′s Settings, go to About, and check for a System Update.
    Note: only works on wifi atm

    • Naviti

      Thank you… Worked straight away…

    • Piers Porter

      Same trick worked on my Nexus 7. Cheers!

  • Grant

    Any one got this on their nexus 4 OTA?

    • David Anderton

      still waiting, but I hear people in the US are getting it. Seems odd the GNex is getting it before the N4

      • Grant

        Still waiting…… the trick mentioned above does not seem to work either.

      • David Anderton

        still waiting :(

      • David Anderton

        Still waiting!

  • Maneesh

    Waiting for the oat update to happen to my new nexus 4