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Roman Nurik is an Android Developer Advocate at Google, where he works on UI and visual design. A few days ago, he released DashClock, an open-source lockscreen widget that shows unread text messages, emails, missed phone calls, and the weather, as well as supporting additional content through extensions. The widget is beautiful and helpful, and it’s basically what the stock Android lockscreen widget should have been.

Falcon Pro is my favourite Twitter client on Android at the moment, because of its speed, design and general awesomeness. The developer is very active and usually releases a couple of updates a week with new features and bug fixes, often in response to user comments. Today’s update adds an extension for DashClock that allows you to show an unread tweet count on your lock screen without having to add a separate widget. Setting this up was remarkably easy — I updated Falcon Pro, and it just showed up automatically in DashClock’s settings.

DashClock is fully customisable, and each counter on the screen serves as a shortcut to the relevant application. I’ve got mine set up to show Falcon Pro notifications, unread Gmails, text messages and missed calls. It’s all the information I need without having to even unlock my phone.

If you’re running Android 4.2, grab Falcon Pro’s update and DashClock from the Play Store. It’d be kind of rude not to, really.

Source: Google Play.