Sunday , April 30 2017

Live: HTC One Launch


The HTC M7/One events in New York and London are about to kick off, and I’ll be doing my best to stay up to date with all of the details as they emerge. If you happen to be awake, please follow along with me and leave a comment so I know I’m not all alone!

02:50 – Aaaand we’re done. BUT WHAT ABOUT UBUNTU? And surely “New Sense” is a joke name. Say it quickly and you’ll see what I mean. Anyway, thanks for sticking around. It’s been emotional.

02:48 – HTC trade in program. Register at and trade in your current phone to get $100 toward an HTC One.

02:47 – The phone will come in silver or black, in 32GB or 64GB. I assume the ‘no gap construction’ thing ruled out removable battery and storage.

02:46 – Launching in 80 countries with 185 carriers, shipping late March

02:44 – The design of the phone. No gap construction, micro drilled speaker holes, curved Gorilla Glass, integrated aluminium antenna (uh oh!)

02:41 – BOOM

02:39 – BOOMSOUND! Two front-facing speakers for stereo.

02:38 – There’s a Vine clone called “HTC Zoe” – basically short sharable video clips, with hipster filters!!!!!!!!!!!

02:37 – larger pixels than conventional sensors, meaning better low light performance. Meanwhile they’re still talking about BlinkFeed in London. Very distracting. Seriously though, it sounds like a pretty ‘meh’ feature.

02:36 – You can switch between the front and rear cameras with a swipe gesture. HTC saying that megapixels aren’t important – “the megapixel myth”. The era of the megapixel is over! “We’ve developed our own technology, called the UltraPixel camera. 300% more light, ghostless HDR and HDR video”.

02:35 – Sense TV – IR blaster to control the TV, receiver etc. Reminds me of my Sony Tablet S and walking around trolling in electronics stores.

02:33 – Two dual-membrane microphones for high quality audio recording. Apparently you can even record amazing audio at a concert. “Sense has been completely redesigned”. It looks like you can only fit 12 icons on the home screen (a 3×4 grid). What’s with that?

02:30 – I’m trying my best to resist the temptation to read the spoiler articles already being published. Seriously, why don’t they lift the NDAs after the press event so people can’t just go in and read about all the specs and features during the announcement?!

02:28 – The Blink Feed thing seems pretty underwhelming. Like we said, it seems very Windows Live Tile-esque, with Flipboard-like content built in.

02:27 – Peter Chou is on stage in London now.


02:25 – A guy from ESPN is on the stage now talking about their partnership with HTC to bring content to sports fans.

02:24 – The images look exactly like the leaks. Looks like a nice piece of kit, but unfortunately the leaked images were right about the two buttons as well 🙁

02:22 – “I’m proud to introduce to you the new Sense… clean, modern sign… a new experience called Blinkfeed – a stream of social, news, info… it’s like Flipboard for your homescreen”.

02:21 – Courtesy of my bootleg stream of the event, I can hear the conversations of the people in the room. Apparently it’s “very warm in [t]here” and the internet connection is “very slow”.

02:18 – And we’re off! HTC’s president Jason MacKenzie is up on stage talking about the company, then finally “I’m proud to introduce you to the new HTC One”.

02:16 – Apparently they’re waiting for proceedings in London and NYC to get synced

02:13 – “Ladies and gentlemen, please take your seats. The event will be starting shortly”.

02:11 – Still waiting. Word from those at the event is that some people around them are openly using the device.

02:02 – Looks like HTC is running a bit late. Same goes for their announcement. Ooh deep burn!


Graham Bae  

  • Sean

    Do you reckon they will have 2 player snake?

    • Graham Bae

      That would be game changing

  • Not buying a HTC easily again after being screwed with one X battery life and then appearance of one XL+ still let’s see what they offer

    • Graham Bae

      I’m a Nexus man through and through, but like you, I’m interested in seeing what they’ve been cooking.

  • Mark

    You are not alone!

    • Graham Bae

      Woo, thanks Mark!

  • beastjim

    I saw all three carriers logos up on the screen, although you never know with Vodafone, being multi country and all that.

  • New Sense? More like Nuisance, amirite?!

  • Hikari0307

    Again, no expandable storage, HTC just made it easy for me to decide not to buy this.

  • No One

    @Hikari0307: 64GB is enough so there is no need for SD. This is perfect phone for me because it has design of iPhone 5, Android OS.

    • Hikari0307

      Well it depends really, because of frequent long distance travels and not wanting to carry much, I use my mobile as my entertainment centre when not at home, on the S3, my 64gb micro sd card is almost full with videos (especially if the norm now is 1080p screens, then I’d want to put 1080p videos), music and photos while a good chunk of the internal storage has been taken by apps and some misc stuff. Some stuff can be put on the cloud but for now, I’d still want to rely on local storage even for the little stuff since there are a lot of places I can’t get reliable internet connection at.

      True, 64gb or maybe about 5Xgb is a lot of storage but then, I’d have to start compromising and have to spend some extra time thinking and selecting stuff rather than being able to fit everything that I want. Plus, I assume the internal storage is FAT32 formatted so I’d have a 4gb single file limit rather than a micro sd card which I could format to either NTFS or exFAT. I do know that there are a good number of people like me out there who thinks that this is a significant point.

      Though we’re in the android environment with choices which is why we will all be moving along to something else, while there will be a good number of people like you who will conclude that this is the perfect phone for them.
      Sorry for the long post.

      • No One

        I’m using my device for watching movie all the time so storage is my main concern too. I won’t buy anything under 64GB. True that will be awesome to have 64GB + 64GB SD card but I don’t think you can find any phone with that. Samsung did advertising 64GB variant but they just never released it. With your Samsung S3 yes you have sd card but you are only getting 16GB more which 16GB internal + SD card. So I would say that is not really a big difference.

        One more thing, for all the time every company when they release a new product there is always something missing. Finding a phone with everything you need is impossible. I find hard to find a perfect phone for myself too. But I might count this one as perfect for now as it has almost everything I need.

  • Was there an announcement of 4G?

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