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We’ve told you about ALDImobile before but we thought that given the launch is tomorrow, we’d sum up everything we know about ALDI’s offering so you can make an informed choice about whether you might switch to ALDI’s new mobile plan(s).


First and foremost, ALDImobile will be using Telstra’s 3G network, to deliver 3G coverage to 97% of the Australian population. This is the same network used by Kogan Mobile, although as you’ll see below, the pricing is a little different.

Update: This is not, however, the same network that Boost Mobile customers can access; Boost has a somewhat unique arrangement with Telstra whereby its ‘customers’ can access the entirety of Telstra’s Next G network footprint, not the somewhat more restricted 3G wholesale network that Telstra makes available to ALDImobile and Kogan Mobile.

This curiosity is likely due to Boost’s unique place in the market; it’s not a full MVNO as Kogan Mobile and ALDImobile are; rather, it’s more of a licensed brand used by Telstra (and previously by Optus before they gave them the flick) to appeal to the youth market.

This is different to ALDImobile and Kogan Mobile who are, for most intents and purposes, their own carriers, just using someone else’s infrastructure.


ALDImobile has four plans which have no contracts, hidden costs or flag-fall rates. There are two, typical, prepaid-style plans, a third unlimited plan which for a fixed monthly amount delivers a number of inclusions, and a data-only mobile internet plan.

Pre-paid options: recharge with $15 or $30, and receive 365 days credit expiry and the following inclusions:

  • 12c/min calls to Australian numbers including voicemail
  • 12c SMS messages, and 35c MMS messages
  • 5c/MB for data

International call rates are detailed (or will be) on the ALDImobile website.

Unlimited plan: For $35, you’ll receive 30 days of network access, with the following unlimited inclusions:

  • National calls to landlines and mobiles, including 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers
  • Voicemail, SMS and MMS
  • 5GB of mobile data to use each month

As an added bonus, the unlimited plan includes a bonus $10 of value to use on premium services, such as international calls and (from the looks of the information we’ve seen) 19 and 1900 services.

Mobile internet: For those of you who are after an affordable SIM to throw in your tablet, the mobile internet plan might meet your needs, though from our perspective, the inclusion of only 2GB data might be a little low. The Mobile Internet offering will set you back $15 per 30 days.

Ease of use

Customers will be able to switch between ALDImobile’s offerings with ease; allowing customers to start on a pre-paid plan and switch to the unlimited plan if their usage patterns increase or change.

Customers can pick up a SIM starter pack at any ALDI store, and using a self-service online option or telephone support, they can easily port-in their number from an existing mobile service, or should a customer be after a new number, that can be done too.

At the moment, ALDImobile is offering free usage alerts once 50% of available credit has been consumed, however we are suggesting to ALDImobile that a more realistic (and useful) option might be to send a usage alert at 50% and then 90% to make sure users have enough warning to recharge if required.

But how does it compare?

At $35 a month, ALDImobile’s unlimited plan is a bit more expensive than other similar offerings, though it does have some advantages. Rather than set out a huge comparison right here, why not check out our comparison of the unlimited prepaid mobile market at WhistleOut?

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 7.04.15 PM

Plan Comparison Matrix, courtesy of Ausdroid and WhistleOut

Will you be looking further into ALDImobile for your needs?

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