Sunday , April 23 2017

Sony Xperia Z now available to pre-order from Telstra


Telstra has announced their pre-order arrangements for the Xperia Z, Sony’s latest flagship device.

The phone is available in Black or White, as well as Purple – exclusive to Telstra, but only available online. Telstra is also offering a pre-order bonus – a wireless NFC speaker, worth $129. The preorder offer is valid until March 26, presumably the release date for the phone on the Telstra network.

The Xperia Z is available for $63 per month on a 24 Month plan, which includes $600 of calls/MMS as well as unlimited SMS and 1GB of Data. If you require more data, there are other options available so check their webpage.

Chris recently reviewed the Xperia Z and found it to be quite a capable phone. It’s the jewel of Sony’s 2013 lineup (so far), and the benefits of being waterproof and dustproof cannot be understated to anyone who has experienced a wet phone previously.

Will you be getting the Xperia Z on Telstra? Is the free NFC speaker enough to entice you to preorder? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Telstra.

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  • XpZ

    I’ve just (pre)ordered one!

  • Jason

    Finally!I’ve checked Google everyday for 3 weeks just for any info on a Telstra release date and info, that wait was so long! Especially because it was rumoured to release in Telstra first, even Sony centre said so

  • Qldsparky

    The 900mhz/1800mhz 4g ability on a nice looking smart phone is a good selling point. Just have to encourage Telstra to start rolling out this new frequency. I really hope the xperia is fully compatible and optimized for the new frequency.

    • It is – Sony made a point of mentioning this at their launch, and Telstra have since.

  • nicholas

    what’s an NFC speaker?

    • Matt

      It automatically pairs your phone via BT without any action other than tapping the phone to the speaker.

    • Andrew

      A speaker that your phone connects to via near field communication (NFC). I imagine most of the streaming is done via Bluetooth/WiFi, unless the phone actually is meant to sit on or near it to stream music.

      Over the next few years you’ll see a lot of devices come with NFC purely to make pairing easier. I’ve seen a few headphones adopt the technology already.

  • eason

    is the dock included?

  • XpapaS

    Probably going to wait until tomorrow to see what’s happening with the SG4, but even so they will probably not have a realese date for me. I have been waiting for a phone since November. First I was waiting for the nexus 4, then the xperia z? how long do i keep waiting before I just bite the bullet and get a phone? Another question should I wait for the HTC one? so many questions that I have to figure out the answer for. The speaker may just be the deal breaker. Also does anyone know where I can have a play with the phone before I commit to buying it? I think Vodafone has it as of tomorrow?

    • herp

      sony store has had them for the last month to play with

      but it depends what you want, if you want a nice screen with viewing angles go for the one otherwise go the z.

      The one might be hard for roms and such (going off htcs track record) but it seems to be doing ok so far from what it looks like on the xda forums.

      • XpapaS

        Went to the Sony store and was very very under whelmed. Have decided to wait it out for the one over the galaxy 4

  • Shaun Brown

    1GB. Why is data allowance going down

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