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It’s safe to say that when we reviewed the Xperia Z, we didn’t witness this! There are a number of reports about the place that Xperia Z handsets are randomly dying. Details vary a little, but it seems that the phones are working normally, and suddenly they just die — switch off, dead. From this state, users have been unable to recover their handsets — some have been able to hard restart (power button + volume up) but this hasn’t worked for everyone.

The reports have not identified a reason for this happening. Some users have speculated that its related to low battery status, but others have experienced it with full charge. While this leaves us a little baffled, apparently Sony isn’t quite so bamboozled by it — they say they’re aware of the issue, they’re on to it, and the problem will be fixed in the next software update.

Has your Xperia Z dropped dead like this? Ours hasn’t, and we’d be keen to know if this issue is cropping up in Australia.

Source: AV Forums, XDA Developers Forum, and Sony Mobile Talk Forum.
Via: Xperia Blog.
Companies: Sony
Devices: Xperia Z