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In case you missed it there is a rumour floating around of a new Motorola X phone. Shocking I know. I understand the hype about it. It’s the first phone developed by Motorola that wasn’t already in the pipeline when Google took over the reigns. It is highly anticipated. I am highly anticipating it. Now though, it’s time to take a stand. I’ve had enough. I’m over it. I’m sick of it.

It all started back on December 21 last year. That well-known tech blog, the Wall Street Journal, announced that Google was teaming up with Motorola to release an “X phone”.

It has spiralled since then. Barely a week has gone by with a leak or rumour of some sort, many of them different from the last. No, it’s going to have a 4.7 inch screen, no wait,  its going to have a 5 inch screen. Hang on a minute, its going to have a 4.8 inch screen. Oh and the screen is going to be flexible. Not only is it flexible, the screen is also going to be indestructible and use Gorilla Glass 3. Whoah there, hold your horses, the glass on the screen is actually going to be sapphire glass. Did I mention it was flexible?

See where I am going with this? Sick of it.

176891-image_XPhone2Did I mention it will be water resistant in up to 1m of water for half an hour? The screen will be 1080p or was that 720p? We have heard both.

How about the battery? Apparently it’s meant to be the same as the RAZR Maxx, oh hang on, no its 4,000 mAh … but wait, 12 hours later that was changed to 3,300mAh by the same site that originated the 4,000 mAh rumour.

It’s going to have expandable memory, but then again it won’t. It will be available up to 128GB storage size.

Don’t forget about the Nvidia 4i its said to be packing, or was that a 2Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor? Over it.

The camera? Apparently its a 10MP camera, or was that a 16MP? The back is kevlar. Nope, back it up, it’s carbon fibre.

It will be running Jelly Bean 4.2.2. Scratch that, it will be running Key Lime Pie.

Wow! All this sounds too good to be true. All this for under $300USD. Amazing. I’ve had enough.

No matter how many different rumours get made up, leaked, whatever it isn’t going to change what the phone is when it is released. Sure, I’m excited as the next person but I am so sick of the rumours. Haven’t we all heard enough? It’s not like we can buy it early because of them. It’s not like we can order it early before then. Whether we hear it correctly or even early it isn’t going to change what is on the phone when it finally is announced. Google/Motorola will announce and release it when they are ready. They will put in it what they want. Imagine if we did hear the correct rumour. Does it matter? So we hear the specs accurately finally will it change you buying the device if you had of heard those specs 2 months later?

Basically, I’m sick of all the rumours, and I’m willing to bet — from the comments I’ve read — that more than a few of our readers are too.

Sites — including Ausdroid — hearing random rumours should verify rumours first before printing them. We see these sites that get the rumours often say that the rumour should be taken with a grain of salt. If that’s the case then I will ignore it from now on. I’m over it. Everyone wants to be first. Can we all just chill for a bit? Let’s just let the phone cook, bake, rise, whatever a phone in production does. There are far too many rumours floating about and far too few facts (as far as anyone knows). When it’s ready it’s ready.


I am really excited about the Motorola X Phone. I like the idea of solid Motorola hardware combined with Google’s stock Android in an open sourced phone. But for now why don’t we all just wait until Google I/O to find out what it is? Oh hang on, maybe that was November?

Editors note: Scott Plowman is one of our regular podcast hosts and submitted this opinion piece. Though Ausdroid has been guilty of its own fair share of rumour mongering, we do tend to agree with Scott on this. There are too many unsubstantiated rumours going around, and where sources are reluctant to provide anything to back their rumours up, we’re certainly going to be a bit more selective about what we report.

Companies: Google, and Motorola