Friday , March 31 2017

Optus ‘uncorks’ new BYO month-to-month plans; offers 4G and freedom with a side of bad puns

optus unchained

Optus have today announced a new set of BYO month-to-month plans for the growing number of people who are buying their phones outright rather than signing up to a 24-month plan. They don’t offer exceedingly good value, but they do provide access to Optus’ 4G network and the freedom of not being locked into a contract. You also get to take advantage of the perks that Optus provides to its customers such as $10 movie tickets to Hoyts and selected independent cinemas, and the ability to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points.

  • $20 per month: $200 included value plus 200MB mobile data
  • $40 per month: $500 included value, unlimited national SMS and 1GB mobile data
  • $60 per month (on a 12-month contract): Unlimited national calls and SMS, 2GB data

Why they’ve included a 12-month contract in their month-to-month plans is beyond me, but it actually seems like the best value of the lot. To check out their plans in more detail, head over to Optus’ website.


James Finnigan  

  • Duncan Jaffrey

    Hmm. Why would I sign a 12 month contract with an operator who has insufficient network capacity?

  • Typical Optus mediocrity.



  • Brad H

    Boost mobile, unlimited calls and text on the real Telstra network for $40 with 3GB of data, that also doesn’t penalise you for business usage. Nobody with half a brain would choose anything else if they already have an outright phone.

    • Yep, I’m looking at this once my contract is up next month.

    • Been on boost for a month now. I get full dual 3g speed on my nexus 4. Best deal around atm

  • Mitchell Smith

    Why is their BYO plan WORSE than my current plan, that actually costs less.

  • well, that’s lame. I’m currently on their $34 per month BYO plan that will expire this month. I ain’t gonna pay an extra $6 for less quota! Just in time too… Going to be signing up with TPG Internet and bundling a SIM with it.

    • I bet Optus would be really excited to offer it to you too. Whenever I talk to Vodafone, they’re trying to get me off my legacy plan with 1.5 GB of data onto one of their new ‘Unlimited’ plans, with far less data for more money. Woo hoo! MVNOs are the way to go these days.

  • People want the data now.
    If you can’t give at least a couple of gigs, there’s no point.

  • Jay Kean

    $20 bucks per month gets you $200 and .2GB of data?
    TPG (who operate on the Optus Network)
    $15 gets your $550 and 1.5GB of data
    Stuff your crappy “4G”, I like your resellers better.

  • so i am currently on amaysim (no contracts) which is $39.90 unlimited calls and text and i get 4GBs of data…hmmm

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