Friday , April 28 2017

Samsung takes Fonblets to a new level with the Samsung Mega range


BIG… Really big, borderline ridiculously big!

The latest in the Samsung announcements has caused quite a stir: a 5.8″ and a 6.3″ screen. That’s adding roughly 11% to the physical dimensions of a Samsung Galaxy Note II which is already on the upper limits of what many users consider a functional device as a daily driver phone. In fact, I have heard people discussing the merits of simply pairing a Bluetooth headset to their 3G Nexus 7 and reducing the number of devices that they’re carrying daily.

Samsung is reportedly working on two new devices — the Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8, codenamed GT-I9152, and the Galaxy Mega 6.3, with the screen size previously rumoured for the Galaxy Note III. While details are still coming to light of these potential new devices that Samsung are looking to launch, some details do match up to previous accessories listed for the Galaxy S4, noting up to 6.3″ devices being able to work with the GamePad.


Would you use a phone this size, or stick with your tablet? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SamMobile, and SamMobile Accessories Article.

Phil Tann   Senior Associate

  • David Whyte

    Except the Nexus 7 3G doesn’t do voice calls. It doesn’t let you tether other devices to it either. Very annoying!

    • Sean Royce

      You can still use skype and other VOIP services. And for texting you can use whatsapp messenger or chaton or something else.

  • bhislop

    Fonblets … haha!

  • Samsung really are trying to have a device for every possible size, aren’t they?

  • Hikari0307

    Well my mum is already using an old galaxy tab as her phone, I on the other hand, still want a phone that can fit in my pocket.

  • James Bryant

    As a Note II user I freaking love it, however I am 196cm tall and have really long fingers, so I can still use the phone one handed. I tried used a tablet ROM on it for awhile (From the Tab 2) but it actually annoyed me because I prefer one handed use, and I guess I am one of the freaks with big enough hands to do it!

  • JeniSkunk

    5.8 inch and 6.3 inch phablets. Too small. We already have 10.1 inch phablets, so the “Mega” blanding is a waste. They want to call the stuff “Mega”, then this range should be 15.6 inch and up.

    • Sean Royce


  • GregAndo

    If they do a nexus version of this I will be a very happy man. Fingers crossed for Google IO. Nexus 6 anyone? You heard me start the rumour here first with absolutely no basis or reason…might make a fake blurry can render tomorrow if I get time. As a joke would ausdroid and this community give it legs???

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