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Google Play Nexus 4 Accessories
If like me you love accessories and you’ve suffered through the agonizing wait for your Nexus 4 to be shown some accessory love, then your wait is partially over with Google this morning releasing some new accessories for the Nexus 4 to the Google Play Store.

This morning has seen the existing Nexus 4 Bumper accessory joined in the Google Play Store by a Nexus 4 Wired Headset with Microphone for $19.99, Nexus 4 Power Adapter for $15.99 and a Nexus 4 Micro USB Cable for $9.99.

If you do have some friends interested in ordering some accessories then you would be best off getting them to go in with you for a bulk order, as bundling multiple items together still only incurs the same one-off shipping fee of $10.99. In terms of shipping turnaround you’re looking at 3-5 Days for delivery to your door.

As far as availability of accessories go, this is a good start. Although I think and feel other Nexus 4 owners will tend to agree, this is five months overdue. These accessories should have been announced and either released at or close to the launch of the Nexus 4. I’m also still waiting on the Nexus 4 wireless charging orb to become available in Australia although we can only hope that this will be the opening of the floodgates of official Nexus 4 accessories into the Google Play store.

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