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The release of a Google Messaging system named ‘Babel’ that unifies Google Messaging apps such as Google Messaging, GTalk and other Google Chat services seems pretty certain at this stage. A search for the term ‘Babel’ in the Google Groups Chromium database shows a large number of results and now Patric Dhawaan over on Google+ has captured a screenshot that is being seen as evidence that code for the service is already being integrated into Chrome or at least the backend of GMail.


In the comments of the thread, Patric describes how he grabbed the screenshot ‘I was just deleting a bunch of old emails and labels and somewhere while deleting a particular sender/conversation the message popped up’. Most likely at some stage Patric has been in contact with a Chrome Developer who is testing out ‘Babel’.

This new service would be a perfect product for Google to release at next months Google IO, especially if it comes with an Android App, Chrome Extension and possibly support for other platforms but we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

Do you see the need for a unified messaging system across Google products?

Source: Patric Dhawaan.
Via: Android Police.