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The delay of the HTC One has hit home hard for HTC, with their profits hitting their lowest levels ever at just $2.7 million (AUD) for the last quarter — a decrease of 98%. Bloomberg reports that this is the sixth straight quarter of profit declines for the company, and at this rate it could be their last quarter to run a profit at all.

HTC’s revenue fell 38% to $1.54 billion (AUD) this quarter, well below their average of $1.76 billion (AUD).

With the delay of the HTC One pushing it back to Q2, HTC are hoping that they can regain sales momentum even in the face of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 launch. The One isn’t the only phone HTC have placed bets on, with the HTC First also becoming available in the US in the coming weeks.

Source: Bloomberg.
Via: The Verge.
Companies: HTC