Kernel source code for international variants of the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 now available

Samsung Galaxy S 4 (side)

Good news for developers and modders alike, with the welcome news of both HTC and Samsung releasing the Kernel Source Code for the international variants of their current flagships — the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4. While this has no effect on your everyday user, modders and developers can use this source code when cooking up custom ROMs to tweak with deeper level stuff on the phones. And who doesn’t love that.

If you’re interested, you can grab the source code from the links below.


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  • Sean Royce

    Does this mean custom roms on the exynos variant will be stable?? Or is there more to be released.

  • Hikari0307

    By international do you mean the s600 or exynos powered s4, gets confusing when a lot of markets are getiing the s600 version haha.

    • Sean Royce

      Both were released I think.

  • Shaun

    Now all we need is an HTC One