Sony begins rollout of Android 4.1 for Xperia P, Xperia Go and Xperia E Dual

xperia jelly bean
The title of this article kind of speaks for itself, but Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) will begin rolling out to the Xperia P, Xperia Go and Xperia E Dual this week, bringing buttery smoothness and Google Now to Sony’s 2012 lineup.

Together with Jelly Bean’s trimmings, Sony have also made some improvements of their own, including:

  • WALKMAN, Album and Movies applications have been updated to use libraries to make it easy to view and share your content;
  • The application tray now lets you organise applications manually, and has an inbuilt search feature
  • The homescreen now can have up to 7 panes, with auto-resizing widgets

Xperia Go users will have to connect their phone to a computer and download the update through PC Companion (Windows) or Bridge for Mac, but the update should be downloaded over-the-air on other devices. Sony are also saying that the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia Ion and the Xperia Acro S will receive the Android 4.1 update from the end of May.

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  • Greg McPherson

    The update for Vodafone Xperia XT became downloadable in the past day or two, despite being officially released a month ago. Not complaining. It’s just how it works.

    Just pointing out that there’s a lag between release and you getting it.

  • Remigiusz Florian Zygarłowski

    Why on picture is Xperia U?