Tuesday , May 3 2016

Makers of Vine promise an Android app ‘soon’

Dom Hoffman, the co-founder of Vine — that nifty little app which (for iOS only at the moment ) allows users to film and upload short video clips — has given a presentation at the NYC Apps meetup, a small networking event held in NYC for developers and designers.

Amongst a whole lot of things that will be interesting to those who care about Vine’s background and development, and upcoming changes on iOS, was this tidbit. Vine is working on an Android version of its hugely popular application and it will be available “soon”.

How hugely popular is Vine? Well, it’s safe to say that if the President of the United States is using it — and he is, see below — then the app has reached that point at which a lot of other people are going to be using it, and in Android land, wanting to use it.

We don’t know how soon “soon” is, but we do hope it’s “very soon” rather than “soon, like Christmas”. We won’t repost the Verge’s content here, but simply point you to it if you’re interested in the other aspects of Vine that Hoffman talked about.

Source: The Verge.

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