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Flagship Phones

I’m talking about a perfectly fitting glove or a well worn shoe. It’s the phone that you will always come back to. But maybe it doesn’t yet exist for you?

We now have 2013’s flagships from Samsung, HTC, Sony and LG. Google and Motorola also released their own top of the line offerings in the last six months. Maybe your preference is something bigger, also by Samsung. Despite all these choices I’m still carrying 2 phones! A few of us at Ausdroid are pinning our colours to the recently released HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4.

Others haven’t yet found what we would consider the complete package. The rock to our roll or the oxygen to our air isn’t really here yet.

We’re all fussy about different things:

  • Some seek a phone built like a classy, expensive appliance. These guys tend to be going for the HTC One.
  • Others want expandable storage and a removable battery. The Samsung Galaxy S4 does this best.
  • Some are fussy about the design of the software that we interface with. That’s me, and I have a Google Nexus 4 for that reason.
  • Others must have a never-say-die battery. The RAZR HD has been popular for these folk.
  • Sony and LG have produced great all rounders (the Xperia Z and Optimus G respectively) that have a good mix of many of the features we all look for.
  • For those who want the biggest and baddest, the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the go-to-guy.

Every person in the Ausdroid team has at least one of the phones mentioned above.

Why do I carry 2 phones? I love to use the Nexus style of interface but I also like to take the storage card out of my Olympus camera and upload pictures and videos in a super fast fashion over 4G. Or edit them. The Motorola RAZR M did this for me admirably during the time I was using it. Now this job is done by a Sony Xperia Z. I also appreciate the closer-to-Nexus software and on screen buttons of the Motorola and Sony phones. But I haven’t yet found one phone that covers all these bases for me.

What about you? What is important to you? Have you found one phone that does it all for you? The best overall phone on the market is something many of us like to debate about. Chris’ recent Smackdown post asking us to vote on one of the two latest phones shows how passionate we can get about this — there’s over a thousand votes in there! Internally, the Ausdroid staff are just as passionate I assure you.

However, I do think that the phone that is the best fit for you is more important. Have you found the meat to your sandwich? Let us know why or why not.