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Anyone know of a phone that has a 720p display, run by a Adreno 320 GPU, housing a Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro, sporting 2GB of RAM and running pure vanilla Android? I do. And it’s not the Nexus 4 … at least, not as we know it.

I’m talking about the Motorola XT912A, codenamed “Ghost”. Everything I just said is true (as true as rumours get), but this device also has 32 GB onboard storage, and functioning LTE connectivity.

Last week, we reported on a rumour of a refreshed Nexus 4 rumoured to be appearing at Google I/O, packed with 32 GB storage capacity and LTE.

A tipster with his finger on the pulse of carriers in the US, and deeply involved in the developer community, has reported to Ausdroid that there have been mentions of this device in the testing logs of North and South American carriers. Motorola is yet to mention this phone in any capacity, leading to speculation that the refreshed Nexus 4 will actually be a phone manufactured by Motorola.

Unless you speak Vietnamese the audio on the following YouTube clip is useless – but if you can provide a translation, please send us a tip.

Snappy Dragons

The processor on this XT912A is said to be Snapdragon S4 Pro “or better” – we’re hoping its the newer version (the 600, as seen in the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One), or even the Snapdragon 800. After all, if they’re refreshing the phone with storage why not refresh the CPU as well?

Earlier this week, a Qualcomm Senior Product Manager was quoted as saying that “mass production for the Snapdragon 800 will start in late May”, although he didn’t state which devices will use the chip.

Personally I feel that late May is probably too late for this device – if we’re expecting a release at Google I/O – although my source tells me the fabled Motorola X Phone will be announced in July – a timeline which fits perfectly for that processor.

Salt Lick

Consider this with your usual grain (or bag) of salt, but November’s Nexus 7 upgrades and Eric Schmidt’s recent comments about a “6 month cycle” may foreshadow a nice surprise coming at Google I/O. It would also explain why there’s a Motorola phone that looks like the Nexus 4 in a tech blogger’s hands in Vietnam.

Normally, we’d ask a question here. This is so far out there, we’re just declaring open season on comments. Give us your thoughts on the rumour!

Thanks: Unnamed Source.
Companies: Motorola
Devices: Nexus 4