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Catch Of The Day Android App
Over a year since releasing their app for iPhone, Catch of the Day have finally caught up with an Android version.

The announcement posted on Facebook Friday night said: “WANTED: Testers for our brand-spanking new Android App! Be the first in Australia to get it!”. So I acceded to their request, despite my self-inflicted shopping ban. For the sake of Ausdroid.net readers everywhere, I had to take one for the team.

The app is simple and clean; it loaded quickly on my HTC One X, even over a sluggish 3G connection. I found it easy to navigate and browse the deals on offer. Shoppers receive alerts in the notification drawer when new deals are available. 70% off Lindt chocolates? Don’t mind if I do!

Worth noting are two security features. Firstly, you’re given the option to save your credit card name and number for next time, but it will make you re-enter your CVC number again to use it. Secondly, the app crashed when it was processing my payment and any time I switched out of it, which logged me out entirely. So either way, you need not worry about anyone buying 20,000 bars of Lindt on your Visa if you leave your phone lying around.

Screen grab - application Screen grab - notification drawer alert

The app is now available in Google Play, but it’s been limited to devices running Android 3.0 and upwards, so Gingerbread users you’re unfortunately not able to get this app. It’s a 2.3MB download and you’ll need some manner of internet connection for the app to pull in data from the Catch Of The Day website. Try it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: Catch of the Day Facebook page.

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Any chance (because I need the expert advice from the wonderful AUSdroid brains) of information on what (if any) the APP may take from your device regarding data (location, contacts etc)? Just making sure it’s not being a bit dodgy in the background.

Michaela O'Leary
Michaela O'Leary

The only standout app permissions are access to approximate (network-based) location and find accounts on your device. Both fairly harmless IMO. Hope that helps.


Much appreciated, I’ll take your opinion over mine on such a topic any day, thanks.

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