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Ausdroid announces the winner of the HTC One competition

2012-09-08 20.04.21 - Edited

On the 9th of May, Ausdroid and Vodafone offered you, our readers, the opportunity to win a brand-new HTC One by entering a photography competition. The brief? Show us three photos taken on your current smartphone camera that best demonstrate situations where the HTC One, with its ultrapixel camera, would be able to improve the shot, taking account of lightning, composition and framing.

We received a staggering number of entries, and it has taken us many hours to sift through all of your photos to choose a winner. Let me assure you, this was no easy choice. There were many photos that we thought demonstrated great artistic merit, and aptly demonstrated situations where the HTC One would quite likely take a better quality photo in the same circumstances.

Ausdroid’s editors have reviewed the photos and consulted with Vodafone to determine the winning entry, and we’re pleased to announce that the winner is none other than Tiffany Yuan. You can see Tiffany’s winning entries, with her commentary on each, below:

Of her photos, and photography in general, Tiffany said:

Old-school film photography’s been a real hobby of mine for a while, but sometimes all you have is your phone! I also really like taking photos at night and around sunset, which don’t traditionally take well on phones, but it’s all you have on you when you’re jogging.

Tiffany’s photos were taken on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, a device which some of our team quite enjoyed, but on one point we all agree — it has a fairly average camera. Despite this, these photos are pretty good, and we’d love to see what they would look like if taken on an HTC One.

We’d like to congratulate Tiffany on winning this competition. To everyone else that entered, thank you — your enthusiasm for our competitions means only one thing. Simple — we’re going to have to do far more of these!

Stay tuned for our next competition, and thanks for reading Ausdroid.

for the prize!: Vodafone.

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • GreviousMcG

    Congratulations, Tiffany. And wow, you must do a lot of jogging…;-)

  • Michaela O’Leary

    Congrats, Tiffany! It’s an awesome phone. I’m so happy with mine. Took a friend to Vivid last night and he was so impressed with the photos I was taking, he’s going to switch to HTC when his contract on his iPhone is up.

  • nicholas

    Was the commentary part of her entry?

    • nicholas

      something fishy going on. “We’d like to congratulate Tiffany on winning this competition — we’ll be in touch with you soon to get you connected with your prize. “. How did she provide commentary for her entry photos, this wasn’t an option on the entry form? #Vodafail?

      • chris

        yes but how do you run up the side of a building, from the building shot I sense that these photos were stolen from somewhere and the person never took them. I think Tiffany cheated. There is something wrong with this competition.

        • If she cheated, then she manipulated the EXIF info rather well as well. So no, I don’t think TIffany cheated.

      • Hi Nicholas, see above. We contacted Tiffany to inform her she’d won, and asked her to claim the prize. When she did so, we asked for her commentary.

        • nicholas

          Fair enough! Thanks Chris – sorry to be a brat!

    • No, the commentary was sought from Tiffany when we contacted her. The later reference to “we’ll be in touch with you soon” was from an earlier draft, and should’ve been removed. We contacted Tiffany, asked her to claim the prize, and asked for the commentary to accompany the announcement. Simple as that.

  • nicholas

    In any case, congratulations Tiffany. I took the competition in the wrong way.. I entered photos that were deliberately without artistic merit (my son on a swing, that my S3 had blurred and was unable to focus on), that would probably have been an easy feat for the mighty One camera to overcome. C’est le vie.

  • Oh wow, even the photos she took were already beautiful! Congrats in winning the HTC One, Tiffany. I’m sure you’ll take much better photos with it 🙂

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