Sunday , April 30 2017

Sony Xperia SP coming soon to Vodafone Australia


In a post on Vodafone Australia’s blog, the carrier outlined their plans to bring the Sony Xperia SP to market. The Xperia SP is a well specced mid-ranged device that is sure to impress if it’s priced accordingly.

Sony are attempting to make the phone more ‘personal’ by adding an LED-lit bar to the bottom of the device which can light up in different colours for notifications. It can also pulse along with music that the device is playing. I’m not sure how that makes the device personal, but sure, it’s a cool little gimmick.

The specs are nothing to scoff at:

  • 4.6-inch 720p Reality Display
  • 1.7GHz Dual-Core CPU
  • 8MP Camera (1080p video)
  • 1GB RAM / 8GB Internal Memory
  • DC-HSPA+ 42Mbps

Vodafone haven’t outlined a launch date or price just yet, though we’ll fill you in when they do.

Source: Vodafone Australia.

Buzz Moody  

  • Presumably it’s the C5303 model that does LTE on the 1800 MHz band, which Vodafone is about to launch.

  • Could be Anyone

    It seems alright but it doesn’t seem like it had expandable storage which is a deal breaker for me.

    • It does have an SD Card slot.
      But only 8GB built in… 5.5GB usable… is kind of limiting.

      As an undemanding phone, for your mum, for example, it would be nice.
      A nice size. Kind of pretty and unusual. But not a phone for Android Addicts.

  • Derek Brickhouse

    This looks epic!!!! It’s a serious contender if you’re not fussed about the difference between a dual core and a quad core because you’re not a hard core phone gamer/app rat. It’s got 4G, the aluminium body and the SD card option with a battery bigger than the HTC One.

    A huge reason why it is a contender is because of it’s price. Vodafone has a knack for beating Virgin plans by a tiny bit. It’s currently free on the $39 plan at Virgin. Thus I would expect it to be free on a $40 plan with some kind of bonus accessory worth about $70.

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