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With a device that spends so much time loose it’s bound to happen, you drop your phone. Sometimes the phone survives intact with no issues, other times a spiderweb of disappointment greets you when you pick it up. With glass covering both the front and back of the Nexus 4, the likelihood of seeing a crack is highly likely, although some users still have not experienced any drops as yet.

The Nexus 4 screen is a pretty good one, offering a zero-gap display with the digitiser built right into the glass. The downside to this is that as soon as the glass is cracked, I found the LCD either stops working altogether or the screen will only work in the outer reaches where the crack has not touched. Either way, it’s a pretty depressing sight.

Nexus 4 - Depressing

So, what do you do when your Nexus 4 is in need of a repair?

Well, obviously this is not generally a warranty issue, so upon calling Google Play support you will be advised to contact LG and they will happily provide you with a contact number: (02) 9648 6374 or (02) 9648 6746. Upon calling them, you’ll be advised that the LG Mobile Phone Service Centre is located at 55 Parramatta Road, Lidcombe NSW or for phones being sent via mail: PO Box 6917, Silverwarter NSW 2128.

Before you visit or send your phone, be sure to call them and obtain a quote. So far I have had to have the LCD replaced twice and the back repaired once, and the costs so far have been thus:

  • $99 to replace back cover.
  • $165 to replace LCD.
  • $187 to replace LCD and back.

These prices will be subject to change over time, so ensure you call the service centre first. Both times I have had to utilise this service the turnaround time has been excellent. The latest turnaround saw me send the phone via Australia Post on a Thursday afternoon and by Monday I had the phone back in my hands.

So, now that my Nexus 4 is repaired, am I using it? No. I have ordered a ruggedised case from eBay and intend to only begin using the phone again after the phone is carefully enclosed in its protective grip. I’ve nearly paid for a new Nexus 4 at this stage based on shipping and repair costs alone I do not intend for this to happen again.

All in all, the Nexus 4 feels great, the glass makes it feel fantastic after holding a phone like the Galaxy Nexus, however the cost of this is that the phone seems to be as fragile as a piece of tissue in a rainstorm. I sincerely hope that Google and the next Nexus manufacturer do not pursue glass as a material in the next Nexus device.

Until then, if you do happen to drop your Nexus 4, I hope you find this useful.

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