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Will LG be working on the Nexus 5? Who knows. Recent news had LG Mobile’s European VP Kim Won denying LG’s involvement in the next Nexus handset, which has tentatively been dubbed the Nexus 5.

Those comments were contradicted shortly after when LG were contacted by the Verge, stating that while LG didn’t need the Nexus program to have further marketing success, they’d certainly welcome the opportunity to work with Google again in future.

Korean site has gone a step further and says that LG is in fact working on the Nexus 5. is a Korean language site, meaning that gleaning information from it is a little difficult, even with the assistance of Google Translate, but it looks as if a prototype device has been developed and is currently in testing.

The Nexus 4 was a mixed success — despite initial stock issues and delays in bringing the handset to market after launch, LG shipped around 3 million handsets. For a handset targeted at a niche market, this is a pretty good outcome. Despite the lack of LTE and the relatively fragile glass front and back, the Nexus 4 is rather popular amongst Android enthusiasts, and if satisfaction with the Nexus 4 is anything to go by, an LG Nexus 5 would probably do equally well, if not better.

The rumour mill continues. Thoughts? Speak Korean and able to offer a better interpretation of Daum’s article? Let us know!

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