Thursday , March 30 2017

HTC One: Update to Android 4.2.2 mere days away


This morning, we wake to exciting rumours circulating in the HTC One space. A couple of weeks ago we heard that the Android 4.2.2 update for the HTC One was ‘two to three weeks away’, and it seems that this rumour was dead on.

Early this morning, we saw on French Twitter account @HUB_Fr that a few developers had got their hands on a leaked HTC ROM update package (RUU) with version number 2.17.401.1, which updated devices to Android 4.2.2.

Translated, these updates read:

Good news, the European RUU the Android 4.2.2 update for HTC One is in the hands of some independent developers. This means that the update is imminent, check on your HTC One in the coming days 🙂

We didn’t report on this at the time, as there wasn’t enough substance, but we’ve now found more and more confirmation that this isn’t just rumour, it’s fact. Developers have indeed got their hands on an RUU from HTC (probably a leaked version), and not only this, they’re currently working on releasing custom ROMs off this new base.

It is likely that within the next 24 hours, the RUU will be available in the usual places, and an official update for HTC One owners probably will be out within the next week or so.

To whet your appetite, we’ve got some screenshots of the new HTC One operating system. These aren’t the best exemplars of the update, but it gives you an idea on what some of the new and updated features will be.

Firstly, and this is a small thing, we’ll be able to choose to display the battery percentage in the status bar. It’s something that virtually every other Android device can do, and now the HTC One will have it as well. As it should.

Android EQS integrated and Quick Settings in the toolbar. Just as with stock Android, a swipe-down on the right side of the status bar will reveal Android Quick Settings. Lovers of stock Android will enjoy this, as it doesn’t waste valuable space in your normal notification slide.

We’ll also get the Daydream option, and while a good many people don’t use this, it’s nice to have the option.

Instead of relying on hacks and mods to enable long-press on the back button to operate the menu, we’ll have an official option to long-press on the Home button to activate the menu. This should also prevent that annoying three-dot menu black bar showing up.

There are also changes to the app drawer and the dock — previously, icons added to the dock disappeared from the app drawer, this will no longer happen. It will also be possible to have an empty dock (though why you’d want this I’m not too sure).

There were some rumours that Sense would see an update from 5.0 to 5.1 in this release, but it has been confirmed that Sense remains at version 5.0. There are some improvements to Blinkfeed (but unknown what exactly these improvements are).

Two relatively well known ROM developers on XDA Developers forum — mike1986 and Torxx — have access to the latest Android 4.2.2 RUU from HTC and are working on updating their custom ROMs to use this new base operating system, so within the next 24 hours or so we should see updates to Android Revolution HD and TrickDroid respectively.

We personally can’t wait to see this update land. Are you as excited?

Source: Android Revolution HD blog.
Via: HD Blog Italy.

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • PuGZoR

    Yay! Minor upgrade but fixes that bloody menu button thing. The best phone will now be perfect!

  • Anthony

    I hope this fixes the highlight video issues. Where the ‘select content’ doesn’t work and where Zoe’s just show as still frames in the highlight video.

    If those get fixed, it’ll be awesome. Oh and some more highilght video themes would be welcome.

  • George

    Literally fixes all my gripes about this phone….cmon Telstra!!

    • Carbs

      Telstra will drag their feet I’m sure, I’m just going to put a custom ROM on mine and be done with it, if the vanilla version comes out I might try that too.

  • Jonathan Khonasti

    If anyone’s interested, the major custom roms (android revolution / trickdroid) have both been updated to 4.2.2

    ARHD -

    TrickDroid –

    • Sujay Vilash

      I just visited the ARHD thread on XDA. It says “latest official HTC One 2.17.401.1”. My HTC One (bought outright from MobiCity) says 1.29.980.2. So my question is: Will the ARHD work for our HTC One’s in Oz ? Will be still have LTE if we flash ARHD ? Will we still have BlinkFeed and BoomSound/Beats ? At first I didn’t like BlinkFeed but it has grown on me and I don’t want to lose it by flashing ARHD.

      • Jonathan Khonasti

        yeah mate it’s fine cause the rom doesn’t affect your radios or anything, make a nandroid backup just in case
        basically everything stock htc is still there (just don’t click the purexradio option it ain’t “better sound quality” trust me)
        if you haven’t unlocked your bootloader yet, unlocking it will obviously wipe everything inside your phone so back up if you are planning on it

        • Sujay Vilash

          Thanks Jonathan. I will give the ARHD a try this week-end time permitting. I am glad you pointed out the purexradio lie and I will make sure I do not add it via Aroma. Thanks again.



    • Sean Royce

      You are the most annoying person on Ausdroid. Shut up with the capitals.

  • Raj

    I bought my HTC One unlocked from JB Hifi. Will it be able to upgrade to 4.2.2 as soon as it is released?

    • Anonymous

      Nope. It’s on Telstra firmware, and they haven’t even released the version with the Camera Update. So, what are the chances for Telstra to release this?

      I’m using .16R firmware and moving to 4.2.2 in a couple of hours, as soon as Android Revolution finishes downloading. Flashing a custom ROM won’t screw it up, even with S-ON, try it.

      • Raj

        Eobt the Telstra firmware have the Telstra app on it? Mine doesn’t have any such app though.

        • No One

          Because you bought the Telstra outright one. The HTC One come on Telstra contract only have Telstra One and 24×7 apps. So you are still getting update from Telstra not HTC. 1.29 is software version. after that is the carrier, then update version. Check out this and

          • zacbarton

            Are you sure about getting updates from Telstra and not HTC. I also brought outright from jb and have no Telstra apps pre-installed. I’m on 1.29.980.2 too.

            How can I check if I’ve got the unlocked international version.

          • No One

            1. Version 2 at the end is the one that released everywhere for started.

            2. Current international variant is 1x not sure it is 12 or 16 now.

            3. If I am right even Optus and Vodafone has updated to 1x already.

            4. I really can’t tell you how to check it but from what you have not getting the new camera software update I can say it is not international version.

            5. Best way to check it out is ask JB to see if the stock come from Samsung direct for international variant or come from Telstra.

        • No One

          I just have an interesting news from Samsung Experience store in Melbourne that if you buy GS4 outright in Australia (doesn’t matter from what store), the OS update will be relied on your carrier so basically if you are using Telstra SIM card you will get update from Telstra, if you are using Optus then it will be from Optus. I find hard to believe but that is what I have been told by Samsung because they are not International version.

      • Raj

        What version is the camera update? My current OS version is 1.29.980.2.

        If it is indeed the telstra version, then how would one go about getting the non – carrier one?

  • Mitch

    Hey all. I bought my htc one out right from exceltek and haven’t received the update yet. What gives

    • It doesn’t appear that the OTA update has dropped yet; there are custom ROMs available that are running 4.2.2, and you can download the stock 4.2.2 files from XDA Developers if you’re super keen. I’ve done this, and 4.2.2 works great on our Australian devices.

      • Raj

        By stock 4.2.2 do you mean vanilla android or the one specific to the HTC One?

  • Lisa Burt

    Hi can you tell me when the update is coming for the 4.2 5 sense for Australia I’m with optus?

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