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HTC - M4 - One - T6

We’ve been hearing a lot about two rumoured HTC handsets – a lower-specced version of HTC’s One (previously known as the M4) for those who find the 4.7-inch One too large, and a larger variant with a 5-inch screen for those who find the 4.7-inch One too small.

According to news from GSM Arena today, these two phones will be called the One Mini and the Butterfly S, respectively.

These names make sense – the One Mini is exactly what is sounds like – a miniature version of the HTC One, and the Butterfly S is an upgraded version of the current Butterfly (I guess the S could stand for ‘super’).

If GSM Arena’s report is correct, the One Mini won’t actually be that mini at all, packing a 4.3-inch 720p display, with a dual-core processor, 2 GB of RAM, and incorporating HTC’s Ultrapixel technology.

The Butterfly S will be an upgraded version of the HTC Butterfly, and will use the same 5-inch 1080p screen, but also incorporate HTC’s Ultrapixel technology and a higher capacity battery. There is also a rumour of a microSD card slot (consistent with HTC’s recent claims that the One lacks an SD card slot because the phone just didn’t have any room for it).

Both phones are rumoured to look very much like the One, with front-facing speakers, Sense 5, and probably the same unibody aluminium construction as well.

Speaking of which, the One is apparently going to get another two colour options – we’ve previously shown you the red model, and a blue version is also rumoured. We asked HTC Australia to comment on the release of these variants but they declined, offering only the statement that they “cannot comment on speculation regarding unreleased products in Australia” – it was worth a shot, though.

The One Mini is expected to launch in mid-July, but there’s no word on the Butterfly S.

As far as these rumours go, the names seem legit, and we know that HTC are working on other phones. Given how much more popular the One has been compared to other recent efforts by HTC, it would make sense to keep the same design language and port as many of the features across to other devices as possible. That being said, the rumoured specifications are just that – rumours – so make of them what you will.

Source: GSM Arena.
Via: Android Authority.
Devices: HTC One, and HTC One Mini