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Earlier today, I made a phone call that sounded so clear that I felt like I was actually standing next to the person on the other end. Telstra have had HD voice for a while now, but being a long-standing Vodafone customer, I’ve not had the pleasure of experiencing it. Yesterday, Vodafone announced that they were commencing the rollout of their LTE network, but what they didn’t announce was that they are also trialling HD voice.

After an excited, but confused few minutes, I did what all good nerds do, and took to Twitter to find out what was going on, and Vodafone’s customer support team confirmed that I was indeed on their new HD voice network. +

Along with super-clear audio, I didn’t have to struggle to hear the conversation over the busy Melbourne CBD traffic, which apparently was filtered on the other end as well, making it so much easier to have a conversation. No word on when this will start to roll out officially, and seeing as how Vodafone haven’t even announced it, it might be a while, but hang in there, fellow Vodafoners, their network sure is improving.

Companies: Vodafone