Saturday , April 29 2017

HTC One Glamour Red announced


HTC has announced today, their award-winning HTC One will be released in a new colour variant, come mid-July.

For now, “Glamour Red” HTC One handsets will be sold exclusively through Phones 4U in the UK from next month. Further details about international availability should appear over the next few weeks.

Philip Blair, President of EMEA, HTC commented “The new HTC One in Glamour Red showcases the power of our flagship model in a colour that demands attention, whilst maintaining the high standards set for sophisticated design and build quality.”

While it is said that red goes faster, the specs of this sexy new variant will be identical to its more subtly coloured siblings. However, there is no word yet about which storage options will be available or if the premium colour will come at a cost.

What are your thoughts? If you’ve been tempted to buy a HTC One, would a Glamour Red variant seal the deal?

Source: Engadget, and SlashGear.

Ausdroid Staff  

  • Montalbert

    will this work on Aussie LTE bands? The missus didn’t mind the look of it…

    • Michaela O’Leary

      Sure will. Same with the standard HTC One’s. Nice, huh? 🙂

  • Michaela O’Leary

    My guess is Vodafone will be falling over themselves to get their hands on this!

  • Sam Cook

    16GB? Really? Without MicroSD that’d seriously suck.

  • I didn’t think HTC made 16GB phones… Either way, damn this looks good!

  • jonathan

    The HTC One comes in 32G and 64G models doesn’t it. If the internals are identical why whould this come with only 16Gig?

    • Michaela O’Leary

      Seem a few speculative mentions of 16gb (and 32gb) options, but could be an error (Hard to for us to keep track of which phone has what options ;))

  • Sujay Vilash

    That does look good. Looks better than my silver One.

  • bradtastic2

    It looks great! I like my phones more subtly coloured so I won’t be getting it but it sure is nice to look at.

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