Monday , May 1 2017

Rumour: Galaxy Note 3 will feature 3GB of RAM


A Korean news outlet is reporting that Samsung’s next big phone, the Galaxy Note 3, will feature 3 GB of RAM. If true, this would be a first for mobile phones, with most previous high-end devices featuring 2 GB. Other rumours suggest that the phone will feature a massive 1080p 5.99″ display, a 13MP camera, and be powered by either the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chip or Samsung’s in-house Exynos 5 Octa processor. Samsung will reportedly use different processors for different markets, so it is unclear which chip would be used for the Australian version.

Reports about another upcoming device, the LG Optimus G2, suggest that it too could feature 3 GB of RAM, so we could be about to see 3 GB become the new standard for high-end phones. Samsung are expected to officially announce the Galaxy Note 3 at the IFA 2013 consumer electronics trade show in Berlin in September, so we still have a couple of months to wait before we find out if the rumours are true or not.

What do you think about the Galaxy Note 3 rumours so far? Is this a phone you would be interested in? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Hangkyung.
Via: Droid Life.

Joel Villis  

  • Sean Royce

    I honestly can’t wait for this device. If it’s an absolute killer in terms of hardware, and the software also follows, I may not go back to iPhone after all. Then again, I have been looking at Sony Xperia Z Ultra.

  • nevetsg

    I like the idea of it but hate the styling of Samsung Galaxy H/W and S/W.

    • boars

      I put the Note2 in a UAG case so styling isn’t really important to me when most of it’s hidden anyway. The software can be replaced too… ah glorious.

  • Brad H

    Probably shouldn’t have bought an S 4 yesterday if this is true. Oops. 🙁

    • Sean Royce

      The GS4 is a beast mate. I understand always wanting the latest and greatest, but you’re not going to be missing out on much except the Note apps and the extra bit of real estate.

      • Brad H

        I seem to change my phones like underwear anyway. I’ve had the S3, Nexus 4, and now S4 all in a 9 month period! Wouldn’t surprise me if I give the LG Optimus G2 a go next. Snapdragon 800 is looking like a tech nerd’s dream.

        • Sean Royce

          Yeah mate I am the same. Had the S3 last year, iPhone for a short period, Nexus 4 currently, and now I don’t know what to go to next! Are we pathetic or just absolutely tech driven?! At the moment I’ve got my eye on the upcoming Xperia Z ultra, Galaxy Note III and we’ll just see if the Motorola X is mid range or not.

  • vijay alapati

    2 gb is more than enough for a normal device that’s running pure android os, but something that runs touchwiz needs 10gd ram to remove lag

    • Sean Royce

      It’s not all Touchwiz, it’s the optimization of software and hardware. That is one of the major problems that needs fixing.

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