Moto X
A video from Toronto, Canada based Rogers Wireless has appeared on Google+ user Дима Прокопенко page and shows off the long awaited Motorola Moto X. The video also shows off the always on voice commands and other features of the phone. The video advises that the Moto X will be a Rogers exclusive – in Canada at least – where it will launch in August in a choice of black and white – unfortunately, no sign of the customisable back plates said to be launching in the US.

The Moto X is apparently always listening for commands, the initiating command appears to be ‘Ok Google Now…..’ without having to load Google Now or select voice operation, after hearing this command the phone instantly responds with the information you require or performs the function you want, like providing directions or setting reminders or other Google Now functions.

The Moto X will also include a discreet notification system called ‘Active Updates’. Instead of a multi-coloured notification LED the Moto X will display notifications on the screen which you can ignore or take care of straight away.

Also included are camera improvements which include a burst mode function to take multiple shots by simply holding your finger down on the screen, and an ability to launch the camera quickly by twisting your wrist twice, no need to slide anything or select an icon.

The video ends with the announcement of when the phone is coming and the colours, as well as pointing customers towards a rogers website that isn’t quite active just yet –

Carriers are obviously already testing and preparing for launch of the Moto X in the US and Canada at least. Whether we see a release of the phone here in Australia remains to be seen. Unfortunately LTE bands in the US and Canada aren’t very compatible with our 1800MHz network here in Australia so importing may be a bit hard, but if the Moto X is released in Europe, where 1800MHz LTE is available we should at least be able to get hold of one to take for a spin.

Edit : The Copyright holder Rogers have asked us to take down the video, we’ve complied, but you can still see the video at the original site on Google+ as well as a number of sites who mirrored our video.
Check out the video and see what you think :

Edit :
This always on voice commands reminded us of this 30 Rock Clip, what do you think? :

Source(s): Google+ Дима Прокопенко
Via: Reddit.