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After a few false starts the Foxtel Go app was released today for Android; but sadly not for all Android devices – only for 2 Samsung devices (Galaxy S III and Note II), and only if they’re not rooted. Lucky for you we’ve consolidated information from a number of sources which will have you watching Foxtel Go on any Android device, rooted or not. It is worth noting that you still need a Foxtel or Austar subscription, this guide just allows you to use Foxtel Go on any Android device even if you’re rooted.

What you will need:
– A Foxtel or Austar subscription
– A rooted device
– The Foxtel Go apkMirror 1

Step 1: Download and install the Foxtel Go apk. Don’t open it or sign in just yet.

Step 2: Use Root Explorer or another file explorer to open and edit /system/build.prop. Ensure you make a backup of the file before making any changes. Find the line ‘ro.product.model=XXXXX’ and replace with ‘ro.product.model=GT-I9300’. Find ‘ro.product.brand=XXXXX’ and replace with ‘ro.product.brand=samsung’. This identifies your phone as a Samsung Galaxy S III.

Step 3: Download and install Hide My Root from Google Play

Step 4: Open Hide My Root, select ‘Hide su binary’. This temporarily unroots your phone. Reboot your phone.

Step 5: Upon reboot, open Foxtel Go and sign in using your account and password. You can now watch Foxtel Go!

Step 6: After you’ve finished watching, open Hide My Root and select ‘Restore su Binary’. Reboot. This allows you to use your other root apps.

Step 7: Before you use the app again, I recommend clearing Foxtel Go data and cache then repeat steps 4 to 6.

And that’s it. Remember this doesn’t circumvent Foxtel’s DRM, you still need an active and valid Foxtel subscription. What it does do is give you the freedom to use Foxtel Go on any Android device, rooted or not. Have fun, and share your experiences in the comments.

Source: Whirlpool.