Google Australia looking to buy part of Sydney’s Monorail

Google Monorail
I know this is not Android news as such, but it is still somewhat interesting and perhaps a little outlandish.

The Sydney Morning Herald, is reporting that the company that is dismantling and demolishing Sydney’s former Monorail, Metropolitan Demolitions, has been approached by Google Australia to purchase one of the former monorail sets that used to zip around Sydney CBD for 25 years, as a meeting room in their building at Darling Harbour which they will share with FairFax directly.

Nick Giannikouris, Director of Metropolitan Demolitions, the company who has been appointed by the NSW Government to demolish and decommission the former Monorail services and assets such as the carriages and stations, when interviewed by the Sydney Morning Herald is quoted as saying:

They have been talking to us – they do all sorts of weird and wonderful things, don’t they, There is no set price: I wouldn’t imagine it is going to go for a squillion dollars.

For me, this would seem quite interesting to see Google transform the carriage into a meeting room just a mere few metres from where it once carried tourists and happy Sydney-siders like myself around the city and down to Darling Harbour effortlessly.

Do you think Google Australia will be able to convert the former Sydney Monorail carriages into a meeting room?


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  • Sean Royce

    This is a very strange move by Google.

    • Bob

      Money to burn! Then they ran outta fires.

      • Sean Royce

        Pretty much.

  • BurnZ

    I didn’t even know the Monorail was being shut down. If I knew that I would of gathered my mates and went down to Sydney for a final ride.

    • Lachlan

      Everyone did…it was all over the news. Have you been living under a rock? haha

      • BurnZ

        I don’t watch the news nor read any newspapers.

      • Venatoir

        And then you complain about not knowing what’s happening in the world…

      • Guest