Thursday , August 25 2016

LG Nexus 4 16GB Black and White on sale at Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman Nexus 4

Harvey Norman have dropped the price of the panda white LG Nexus 4 16gb to $399 – $20 off the original $419 price tag! This brings the White Nexus 4 into line with the Black Nexus 4 at $399 for the 16gb, a noteable drop from the original price Harvey Norman was offering earlier this year back in February for $496.

With some fairly decent hardware specs and at $399, the Nexus 4 is a fairly attractive phone, you can head over to the Harvey Norman website and view the deals for both the Black and White Nexus 4 or head into your local Harvey Norman store.

Will the price drop for the White Nexus 4 make you consider buying the device? Have you got the White Nexus 4, tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: Harvey Norman LG Nexus 4 White, and Harvey Norman LG Nexus 4 Black.

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  • nazdroid

    Damn! I just bought the White N4 2 weeks ago at $419. Oh well…

    • SammyK300

      Yeah, I bought it on the weekend, and the found out about this on Monday, still love it.

      • Peter Massey

        Harvey Norman do a price guarantee when purchasing from other stores. Sometimes though if you ring them up and say what’s happened they’ll give you a store credit.

        At least they did for me when I bought a $1k camera and the next day it was on sale for $750! Got a $250 credit from them.

        • SammyK300

          Not fussed, it’s only $20.
          Just annoyed that when I tried to negotiate on price they wouldn’t budge claiming it was below cost.