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If it’s good enough for Samsung, it’s good enough for LG. Yesterday, LG announced one of the accessories that will launch with their LG G2 when it finally arrives in the market – the QuickWindow Case.

Similar in design as well as usage to the S View Cover sold by Samsung, the QuickWindow case will allow users to see information at a glance without having to open the cover fully. The window will be able to display various different pieces of information such as a clock, weather report, alarm, music player as well as incoming phone call details and incoming text messages.

The case will be available in seven different colours – black, white, pink, purple, blue, mint and yellow. No pricing has been advised but they will launch simultaneously with the LG G2.

Now all we have to do is actually see if there is anything left for SamsungLG to announce at the August 7th event in New York.

Companies: LG, and Samsung
Devices: G2