• Gregorian

    Voda should go all the way. Make their plans International. Your SIM is locally usable and charged at the local rate in any country that has Vodafone.
    That would be so powerful.

  • Andrew

    “Needless to say, this will most likely work out a lot cheaper compared to the price of international roaming charges.”

    Still not cheaper than just picking up a pre-paid sim card from the country you’re visiting though.

    Say you go on a holiday for 30 days in the USA. That’s 30 days x $5 per day = $150 on top of your plan.

    You can pick up a $70 30 day sim from T-Mobile which will give you unlimited calls, unlimited text and unlimited 4G data (not Voda’s crappy 1gb or whatever) and you’re paying a whole lot less.

    • http://beaugil.es BeauGiles

      @0070ed7e49528247a0e26cae388fde32:disqus not unlimited calls or unlimited texts to international numbers though, right?

      The way I read this, if you were on a Vodafone infinite plan; from the US you could call anyone back home in Australia, talk for as long as you like (as part of unlimited calls/text) and you’re not charged any more than $5/day for being overseas.

      Local prepaid SIM cards will probably be cheaper if all you want is data, or are primarily calling/texting people in the country you’re visiting – but international roaming is going to be much easier if you’re calling/texting home or need to be reached on your AU number