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Last week, CyanogenMod announced that they were working on a completely new camera experience for their ROM to replace the rather bland and featureless application that Google have made. Taking features from manufacturers like HTC and Samsung, whose camera applications are far superior to that found in AOSP, Focal adds more advanced camera controls like ISO and exposure settings, while improving on features like panorama mode by adding full 360-degree rotation.

There are a huge number of tweaks that Focal gives easy access to, like light metering, colour effects, auto enhancements, as well as extra cool features like burst mode and what CyanogenMod are calling ‘PicSpheres’, which appear to be much like Google’s Photospheres, but with a lot more manual control over the image capture.

Focal is now officially a part of the CM 10.2 source code, which is built off Android 4.3, but it is also available as a standalone apk over at XDA-developers. Focal is confirmed working on the Nexus 4 running CyanogenMod 10.1 or higher, as well as ParanoidAndroid and AOSP, but I have installed it on my MoDaCo.SWITCH-ed HTC One and can confirm that it works in both Sense and Google Play Edition modes.

Picture quality is at least as good as the Google camera, but with a significantly faster shooting speed. Unfortunately though, it’s still streets behind HTC’s camera application, and sadly there’s no imitation-Zoe feature, but given some time, I don’t doubt the CyanogenMod team can get there.

Source: XDA.