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HTC One Vodafone

The Android 4.2.2 update for the HTC One appears to be going full steam ahead for Telstra and for Optus/Virgin Mobile too judging from comments, but it appears that owners of the Vodafone branded HTC One will have to wait just a little longer for their update.

Although the update has been approved for distribution, Vodafone are currently negotiating to ensure that the update is delivered free of charge according to their latest blog post from Community manager Tim H :

We’ve got good news with one small caveat. We’re ready to approve the update and have HTC roll it out (Android 4.2.2), the only restriction right now is how the download is measured.

We’ve always made an effort to make our software updates “free to download” and HTC have made some configuration changes which could affect that. We’ll have the update approved and ready for HTC to release as soon as we finalise things on our side so you can download the update without it chewing into your data allowance.

Keep an eye on the blog and we’ll update you with an ETA as soon as we lock one down.

For now though: It’s coming. It’ll be out ‘soon’ 😉

It’s a shame that this is the reason behind getting the update to customers, but bear in mind that Vodafone do have the best interests of their customers at heart in trying to make sure that no-one is charged for the update. As soon as Vodafone has an update on the release of Android 4.2.2 for the HTC One we’ll let you know.

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