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A new rumour is floating around the internet and it involves two things that I’m a bit of a fan of – Nexus and Motorola.

According to a Google+ post from Taylor Wimberly – founder of the Android site, Android and Me – a new smartphone will come out of the Google owned hardware manufacturer Motorola and it won’t be a Moto X based phone. The Google+ post is brief, simply stating :

Motorola will release a Nexus smartphone in Q4 (that is not the Moto X).

That’s it. It’s a pretty basic rumour right now, but Taylor was actually pretty much spot on in his predictions on the Moto X in a post he wrote up on their site back in April.

This rumour flys in the face of a Nexus based on the LG G2, but could be a possibility, given the relationship between Google and Motorola. The question is, would it be advisable? Members of the Open Handset Alliance(OHA) must be a little worried at the possibility of Motorola getting favour from Google with regards to Android, but releasing the Moto X using Android 4.2.2 must surely ameliorate those concerns somewhat. But, a ‘Nexus X’ or ‘Nexus Razr’ would certainly be quite nice.

Thoughts on a Motorola based Nexus? Possibility or just rumour?

Source: Taylor Wimberly.
Via: Droid-life.
Companies: Google, and Motorola
Devices: Moto X