HTC T6 render leaked – The HTC One Max is nearly here

One Max
If you like big phones, then the HTC T6, which has been theorised to be released as the HTC One Max, could just about ready to be released. The leaked render above, which is described by EVLeaks as ‘non-final’ looks pretty well near completion, and the only thing to work out now is when we’ll see the physical product.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 rumoured to be announced at IFA in just under a month, this would be a perfect opportunity for HTC to ‘scoop’ them with the launch of their own super-sized phone.

It looks ready to go and the HTC design has been winning fans the world over so the question is, what will be the differentiator on the HTC One Max/T6 that makes it the must have Mega-Phone?

Have you been waiting for a phablet sized HTC One?


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  • Nick Tsiotinos

    I like to have good sound coming out of my devices – especially for podcasts. That is why I love the Nexus 10 (front facing speakers) and HTC One. I need a device between the phone size and the tablet size – the sound on the Nexus 7 is still too weak and its a tad too big. So yes I am looking forward to this device.

    • Nikolas

      Bravo re Niko!

  • samizad

    Two reasons that I didn’t get an HTC One. First is that I want a bigger screen and the second is that I want on-screen buttons. Come on HTC, get rid of the front touch buttons and give me on-screen button and you’ve got me on board.

  • Sujay Vilash

    A bit too big for my liking. Besides, I really don’t understand peoples fascination with large screen and then complain about the lack of battery life. Having said that, I wouldn’t mind a HTC One style 7″ Tablet though. With BlinkFeed and BoomSound, that tablet will be a winner. I for one would give up my N7 for a OneTab.

    • fattyboombatty

      I love the big screen on my Note 2 as I use it a fair bit to watch video. I also love the big battery that comes with it and how long it lasts. No complaints on either front. Looking forward to checking this one out, but it has to have a card slot for it to be a consideration

      • Sujay Vilash

        @fattyboombatty:disqus point taken. I don’t watch videos on my phone so I never gave consideration to that side of things. But I am about to start travelling from work which might make this device interesting as it will help pass the time on the plane (books or indeed videos).