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Kogan and Aldi Mobile are among the 280,000 ISPOne wholesale customers who can rest easy, at least until the court case between Telstra and ISPOne over unpaid invoices has been sorted.

The case between ISPOne and Telstra which on Monday, had the potential to end services for the customers of the telco wholesaler, was sent to mediation but after a protracted session which lasted into Wednesday night failed to produce a result, the Federal Court of Victoria has placed an injunction on Telstra from ending the service of ISPOnes customers until the case can be heard formally before the court at a yet to be announced date.

With Telstra claiming that ISPOne owes millions of dollars in unpaid fees and ISPOne claiming that the fees have been calculated incorrectly, there is possibly millions of dollars at stake. Until the case is heard, ISPOne has been asked to pay the court $300,000.

While the service of customers is guaranteed in the short term, according to ZDNet, multiple sources have advised them that Kogan at least have apparently been shopping around for a new provider in the event of a non-favourable result in the upcoming court case, to ensure continuity of service for their customers.

Even in the event of winning the case, Telstra has already advised ‘We have contingency plans in place to limit the impact on end users’.

Are you a Kogan or Aldi Mobile customer? Are you starting to look around at alternative arrangements?

Source: ZDNet.
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