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Optus has today announced a new take on their plans available to customers who travel internationally. Optus offers coverage in over 182 countries and previously, five zones have split the world for Optus customers when travelling, making it sometimes difficult to judge which zone you were in when travelling to multiple international destinations. Today’s announcement sees those zones reduced to two.

The two zones, have been selected carefully with Zone 1 including the top five destinations that Australians travel to – New Zealand, the Pacific Islands, Europe, UK, USA, Canada and Asia. Zone 2 will incorporate the roads not so frequently travelled by Australian customers – Latin America, Africa and The Middle East.

The new plans which begin in mid-September will hopefully avert some of the bill shock that travellers often encounter when returning from an overseas holiday, the Zones will incorporate both Post and Pre-Paid plans and appear to be fairly straight forward :

Zone 1 Zone 2
Text* 50c/text $1/text
Talk $1/min $2/min
Data 50c/MB $1/MB

*Excludes premium numbers, satellite, marine and airspace.

Optus also has plans to introduce ‘Optus Travel Packs’ for customers travelling in the Zone 1 areas. The Travel Packs can be applied to postpaid plans at a cost of $10 per day but offer some decent value :

Zone 1
Text Unlimited
Talk Unlimited
Data 30MB p/day

The new zone system begins in mid-September and will be switched on automatically, the Travel packs will be available to add to you postpaid plans from November. No word on when or if they plan to implement these Travel Packs for Zone 2 areas, so we’ll keep watching this space.

Are you an Optus customer planning some international travel soon?

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