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Yatango Kogan Mobile
With the collapse of ISPOne, Kogan Mobile customers were facing having to find and change to a new provider in the next 30 days. But it appears that Ruslan Kogan has not been quiet in the background in the last couple of days, and they’ve arranged a deal with Yatango to help their customers transition.

Kogan has been sending out emails to their customers which have been received by both Geoff and myself offering a chance to move over to their service and trial their service for 30 days for free. For Kogan customers, the deal includes :

  • Unlimited Talk
  • Unlimited SMS
  • 6GB Data
  • FREE SIM with Free Delivery

Andy Taylor, Founder & CEO of Yatango appears hopeful that the deal will be well received by Kogan customers and that they will be find good value with Yatango :

Up to 80% of Kogan customers WILL save money on Yatango based on their usage.

Yatango uses the Optus 3G network as opposed to the Telstra network that Kogan customers are currently used to. There is however a bonus for Kogan customers with a notation in the header graphic of the offer site, advising ‘4G coming VERY soon’. The trial period is limited to 30 days and Yatango will work closely with customers to build a flexible month-to-month plan at the end of the 30 day period.

It may benefit customers contemplating the change to a new carrier to also checkout sites such as Whistleout, to weigh up going on contract or check out all the MVNOs offering plans at the moment.

Are you one of the Kogan Mobile Customers looking to change to a new provider? Would you consider taking up this offer from Yatango?

Source: Yatango.
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