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Nexus FCC

You all know that mystery LG phone that made an appearance at the FCC a few days ago, well according to @evleaks this device is nothing more than a CDMA variant of the LG G2. @evliaks also went on to post some information about a couple of other G2 variants as well.


I don’t tend to pay too much attention to leaks as we still don’t know anything about the device in question but the one thing that is bothering me about it all is the camera placement. This may well be a CDMA variant but it looks an awful lost like the Nexus device we saw in that Google video.

I for one am not going to dismiss the possibility that this could still be a nexus device but at the same time I will not be surprised if Google have a few more surprises for us.

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Source: @evleaks, and @evleaks.
Companies: LG
Devices: G2