Thursday , February 23 2017

Ausdroid: Now featured on HTC’s BlinkFeed service


We’ve always believed Ausdroid was, and is, a great news source for all things Android in Australia, and we know that our readers agree. Well, it seems it’s not just our readers. HTC think so as well!

Ausdroid has been approached by HTC to join the select group of news outlets featured in their BlinkFeed product, and I’m proud to announce that we’ve accepted, and we’re on board!

Amongst other respected Australian technology outlets like Gizmodo and Tech Radar, Ausdroid now has its place. We’d like to welcome you to join us.

If you have an HTC One with BlinkFeed on board, check it out and add Ausdroid to your home screen to stay right in touch with all our news!


Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • tangcla

    Well done! Now to celebrate with some HTC One giveaways… 😉


    • kungfutigerr

      Yes! I’d back that!

    • Dawei Deng

      +1!:D what a great idea!

  • Harpersneil

    That’s awesome!!! Well deserved I might add, Ausdroid has long been my “go to” for all things Android in Australia.

  • Gregory Williams

    Amazing news! You guys definitely deserve it! Grats

  • Greg

    Any chance of getting set up for Currents?

  • kungfutigerr

    Great news, now pressure Flipboard to include Ausdroid in Tech and Science!

  • V-Man

    Yes you should be in currents!!!

  • Darren Ferguson

    Congrats guys! You deserve it. My first port of call for android news.

  • niknaks


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