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Say what you will about Apple, but they can be quite stylish at times. Jony Ive and team have crafted a completely new look for iOS 7, which will turn the stale, skeuomorphic design of the iPhone into something that can much better keep up with the excellent design efforts coming from Google these days.

While, I’m sure many of us prefer the look of Android to iOS generally, there’s no reason we can’t take what we like, such as iOS 7’s new wallpapers, and use them to give our Android devices a bit of a sprucing in time for the vernal equinox.

The new iOS wallpapers look right at home on the gorgeous high-resolution screens many Android devices enjoy these days, so if you want a new look for your phone, pop on over to Mac Mixing and download away!

Source: MacMixing.
Via: Gizmodo.
Thanks: @kjmci.