Monday , May 1 2017

New Nexus 5 leak shows new boot animation pictures of the device

Screenshot 2013-09-17 at 7.59.00 AM
In a trend that’s beginning to become something of a tradition in US based tech companies with a new phone about to launch, someone in charge of one of the Nexus 5 phones has left theirs in a bar to charge and a bar employee has been able to snap some photos of the device as well as take some quick video.

The full photos taken by the same bar employee shows a device that is very similar to the one that showed up at both the FCC under the D820 model number as well as the Kit Kat statue video that was quickly pulled by Google just after it was released.
The pictures show a clear Nexus logo in horizontal orientation as was seen in that video

The pictures show a clear Nexus logo – in horizontal orientation – on the back of the device which appears to be a soft touch plastic similar to the new Nexus 7, we also see an even clearer LG logo – in portrait orientation – confirming that LG is definitely making the Nexus device.

The first video that the leaker took, shows the new boot animation at the beginning – which seems similar to what has been seen on the Google Play edition Galaxy S4 if memory serves – before it jumps into the all too familiar Android swipe pattern lock screen. The second video doesn’t really show a huge amount more than the first, but hey, it’s NEXUS! Both videos show the lock screen with white icons in the notification panel perhaps indicating that users can choose their own font colour scheme in Kit Kat as has been rumoured.

Check out the videos below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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Source: 9to5google.

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  • pete

    it is so real now. Wow. I am excited. Bring it on.

  • My excitement begins now. Love me a new Nexus. Looking for a great new camera, LTE and good battery life. C’mon Google!

  • pete

    They really have hidden the speaker grills well, cant see them on the front or the back. The circle in the middle on the front has to be the notification light right? The nexus 4 has a notch in the glass for the top speaker, but no such notch on the nexus 5. Interesting.

    • Chay MacTavish

      Nah, that circle is the thing you pull up form the lock screen to access google now.

      • Pete

        Sorry the circle I was referring to was
        From the photo of the front with the screen off. There is a smallish circle at the top centre of the screen where traditional the handset speaker goes.

  • Adam

    Looks rather like the LG G2 – wonder if its a re-badged version and they are sticking with LG

    • Anthonaut

      It’s all but confirmed to be based on the LG G2.

    • nytrojen

      Also there’s an LG logo on the back, so I think it’s pretty safe to assume they’re sticking with them

  • vijay alapati

    i’m using nexus 4 temporarily, Would like to get the nexus 5 asap, Plz Dont keep us waiting before some one catches my attention 🙁

  • Happy Dog

    Why would google change the nexus boot animation to the GPE animation? Doesn’t seem right. Could be a G2 GPE I think.

    • nytrojen

      Except that it says nexus on the back…

      • Happy Dog

        I agree… But nexus logo on the back and GPE boot animation. Doesn’t make sense in my books

        • Harpersneil

          Hmmmm… good point!

        • Sean Royce

          It makes perfect sense. The GPE S4 and HTC One were on 4.2.2 with the new camera ui. Who says Google won’t change the Nexus boot logo?

          • Happy Dog

            Still doesn’t make sense. The Nexus line don’t have it and its there so “people” can tell the difference. If they do change it then that’s OK but right now… The phone is advertising two different products.

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