Thursday , August 17 2017

Add podcasts to your Pocketcasts list via the web


The developers at Shifty Jelly have added a new feature to Pocketcasts for users who have setup a sync account; The ability to subscribe to Podcasts via a web interface has made it’s way to Pocketcasts. You can follow the link (this one is specific to Ausdroid) on your phone and hit the play store button which has been the case for some time, but following the same link on your desktop machine and login with your sync email and password will add the selected podcast to your Podcast list on your phone/s or tablet/s.


A nice new feature showing that Shifty Jelly aren’t resting on their existing success, but rather improving their already outstanding product.

What else would you like to see on a web interface for Pocketcasts to help you manage your listening better? Let us know in the comments below


Phil Tann   Journalist

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3 Comments on "Add podcasts to your Pocketcasts list via the web"

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needs some google account integration

Andrew Palozzo
Valued Guest

One reason I still use beyondpod is because i can add RSS feeds directly from feedly… I’m shocked PocketCasts still doesn’t support this.

Phil Tann
Valued Guest

Nearly there!


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