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There’s no doubt we live in surprising times, but when I saw this slide across the news desk today, I had to double check for myself.

You see, it seems that Dick Smith Electronics is now selling the Samsung Nexus 10 in store and online. Yes, you’re right, the tablet that was released about twelve months ago. The Nexus 10 was a pretty good tablet last year, and Dan Tyson certainly liked his when he reviewed it in February 2013. At the time, Dan said it was the best 10″ tablet he’d seen… and there certainly are a lot of tablets in this size which aren’t much good.

For a price of $469, it’s not bad value for a 10″ tablet, but it’s not really great. For comparison, JB HiFi sells the Galaxy Tab 10 and Galaxy Note 10.1 for $368 and $498 respectively. Interestingly, JB HiFi is also selling the Nexus 10, but for a bit less than DSE, selling it at $448.

With a price point that isn’t quite in step with what’s currently available, one wonders whether this is Google trying to clear its stocks of the Nexus 10 that perhaps didn’t sell so well at the time of its launch due to woeful stock availability. This certainly fits with the rumour that a new Nexus 10 is coming, to be made by the much more successful manufacturer (in terms of the Nexus program at least) Asus.

What are your thoughts? Interested in a Nexus 10 in September 2013?

Source: Dick Smith Electronics.
Companies: Dick Smith, and Samsung
Devices: Nexus 10