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Earlier today we confirmed that Galaxy Note 3 stock sourced from Europe and the Americas are only able to be used with a sim card from their respective regions. While this does limit our options for purchasing a grey import, the greatest impact for Australian users will be if Asia Pacific handsets are subject to the same regional sim card restrictions, forcing owners to pay expensive global roaming rates when traveling to other regions rather than a cheaper local sim.

The Note 3 is not released in Australia until 3 October so we were unable to confirm with any local retailers as they have not received stock yet. However Mobicity have received stock of the 16GB N9005 model sourced from Hong Kong and they have confirmed the retail box does not have a sticker as the Europe and American stock does. No confirmation on the 32GB N9005 model yet but we expect to hear back later this afternoon.

UPDATE: Mobicity have confirmed that Singapore stock of the 32GB model N9005 do not have a sticker and have been tested as functioning fine with Australian sims. It appears the regional restrictions may apply to stock from the Americas and Europe only.

Source: Friends at Mobicity.
Companies: Samsung
Devices: Galaxy Note 3