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Kickstarter project “Pressy – the Almighty Android Button” has flown past their initial crowdfunding goal of US $40,000 – 23,500 backers have lined up for the little multifunction button, sending its funding well over $500,000.

Pressy fits into the headphone jack of your Android phone, and acts as a shortcut to any action that your phone can perform. A background service monitors the headset jack and activates only when the button is clicked, so that it doesn’t drain your battery. The application recognises the specific input and performs the desired action. The Pressy app works on all Android devices, versions 2.3 and up.

Pressy colours

Out of the box, Pressy comes with three pre-set functions: a short click activates the flashlight (if your phone has a flash), a long click activates silent mode, and a double click takes a photo. You can customise these behaviours content with the Pressy app. Pressy’s API is also available for developers to incorporate into their app, allowing them to launch specific actions with the press of the button – an example might be offering one click to strafe and two clicks to crouch in a game.

Pressy actions

Pressy HTC One

The button costs US $17 (plus US $5 for international shipping) for one Pressy and the app. An additional US $3 gets you a keychain/holder to keep it safe when you want to plug in your headphones. There are various other packages available on the Kickstarter site, including different colours. The buttons are anticipated to ship in March 2014.

Please remember that Kickstarter is not a pre-order page, but an “investment” in the company, with no guarantees. Pressy looks like an interesting project, and could be a great way to access shortcuts for your phones most used features.

Are you interested in Pressy, or have you already backed it? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Kickstarter.
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    Sujay Vilash

    Backed it this morning.


    ah har the NFC switch I was looking for.


    Backed it when it was shy of 50 grand. It’s a great idea, especially for my Nexus 7 that I rarely plug headphones into. Don’t have a specific use in mind, but like NFC tags, I think I’ll be ‘inspired’ by much more imaginative people on xda.

    Daniel Tyson

    Backed this, thought it was a great idea.


    I backed it a while ago, seems really cool. They’ll be making a bucketload off it too but it’s a great option.

    Sujay Vilash

    Can someone tell me if there is another version of HTC One doing the rounds ? I look at the picture in this article, then look at my One and they are different. If I look at my screen, the power button & proximity sensors are on the left. The camera & headphone jack are on the right. The picture shows the complete opposite of what I have. The same layout as the picture also appears on eBay when looking for HTC One accessories. I understand that the picture may not be the M7 but some other model. If so,… Read more »


    they are for the northern hemisphere users…. or its an exclusive for the Leftorium!

    Really not sure, likely its just a mirrored imaged that suited the product brochure layout… interesting observation.

    Happy Dog

    That’s the HTC One Mini

    Sujay Vilash

    OK but the picture of the Mini at GSM Arena looks nothing like the one in this article. Never mind It is what it is. The One is still a brilliant phone and I can’t wait to get a Mini for my wife. A bit pricey at the moment though.

    Happy Dog

    Good to see you treat your wife to the finer things in life

    Sujay Vilash

    Very important if I want to be kept fed and in a warm bed .. 🙂


    that’s neat! Might have to back it.