Samsung releases the Golden Edition Galaxy S4


Samsung Gulf, Samsung‘s arm in the United Arab Emirates, has announced on its Facebook page a Golden Edition Galaxy S4.

The phones dazzle in Gold Brown and Gold Pink, leaving little doubt that these versions are only for its most financially fluid of customers.

Samsung is never one to back down from a fight, perhaps this is a pre-emptive strike against therumoured gold variant of the HTC One, although it’s likely that Samsung has another popular device in its sights.

Little information is available on the new colour variants, but it seems likely given the limited, region-specific announcement that these phones won’t be seeing a worldwide release.

Would you buy a gold-coloured Galaxy S4? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Peter Graham

    Its soooooo tacky .. seriously lame.

    • AXiDER

      Agreed…I played with a gold iPhone 5S in person today, and was surprised how much better and more subdued it looked in person than photos.

      But this….seriously Samsung, both the device appearance designers and UI designers do a massive disservice to the engineers who make your amazing internal hardware and screens.

  • nathsgames

    Looks like a poor Apple comeback. I love Samsung, but I don’t like this :-(

  • Carsten Bauer

    If you’re going to go bling, go Vertu! Might as well spend a few grand… $14,000 for the Vertu Ti Android phone.